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At pH7, worksite safety is paramount, especially in environments where hazardous substances are present, and breathing air is essential. Our supplied air respirators provide necessary breathing air sourced from an external airline. This system ensures a continuous stream of air with a pressure regulator. For airline respirators or independent air supply solutions, trust pH7.

A CleanAIR air line respiratory system, also known as a supplied-air respirator, provides several benefits for individuals who work in environments with hazardous airborne substances or low oxygen levels.

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Supplied Air Respirators for Worker Safety

Supplied air respirators (SARs) and airline respirators are crucial for workers exposed to hazardous substances or air quality unsuitable for breathing. At pH7, we offer industry-standard airline respirators that provide an essential layer of protection. Our airline respirators protect from metal fumes, chemicals, and dust, while supplied air respirators deliver clean air through a house connected to a stationary compressed air source.

By delivering clean and breathable air, our supplied air respirators reduce the risk of oxygen deficiency, which can occur in confined spaces or areas with poor air quality. It also prevents workers from overheating and becoming overfatigued, which may happen because of the nature of their jobs.

Using supplied air respirators, workers can breathe comfortably and perform tasks efficiently and safely, safeguarding one’s health.

Here are five advantages of using an air line respiratory system:

  1. Continuous Supply of Clean Air: An air line respiratory system delivers a continuous flow of clean, breathable air to the user. It is typically connected to a clean air source, such as an air compressor or a clean air cylinder. This ensures a constant supply of fresh air, reducing the risk of inhaling harmful contaminants.
  2. Protection from Hazardous Substances: Air line respiratory systems offer effective protection against various airborne hazards, including particulates, gases, vapours, and fumes. By supplying clean air directly to the user’s breathing zone, it creates a barrier between the worker and the potentially dangerous substances present in the surrounding environment.
  3. Extended Usage Time: Depending on the air source, air line respiratory systems can support longer usage durations compared to certain other respiratory protection devices. As long as the air supply is maintained, the user can work continuously without the need to change filters or recharge the equipment.
  4. Versatility in Hazardous Environments: Air line respiratory systems can be suitable for a wide range of hazardous environments, including areas with high concentrations of toxic substances, confined spaces, and environments with insufficient oxygen levels. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, painting, chemical handling, and mining, where workers encounter diverse respiratory hazards.
  5. Easy Monitoring and Maintenance: Air line respiratory systems typically have indicators or alarms that alert users if the air supply is interrupted or compromised. This allows for prompt detection of potential issues and ensures the user’s safety. Maintenance tasks, such as filter replacements and equipment inspections, are usually straightforward and can be performed more easily compared to other complex respiratory protection devices.

It is important to note that the selection and proper use of an air line respiratory system should comply with applicable safety regulations and guidelines. It is recommended to receive adequate training on the correct use, maintenance, and limitations of the equipment to maximize its benefits and ensure optimal protection in hazardous environments.

Invest in Proper Safety Equipment for Your Industry

pH7 understands how crucial airline systems and supplied air respirators are for high-risk work environments that deal with hazardous substances. We carry top-of-the-line airline systems and supplied air respirators from the most trustworthy brands in the market. Our range of respirators, masks, pressure hoses, and filters work seamlessly together to provide clean, breathable air and protect against respiratory illness, lung damage, and other serious causing diseases. Contact our team at 0800 323 223 to help you find the most suitable respirators and other respiratory protection and safety products. Our highly trained and experienced team can provide valuable advice on the best airline systems for your business needs.

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