Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide


Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets

Organic peroxides are a type of chemical compound that can be highly reactive and potentially hazardous due to their tendency to undergo spontaneous decomposition, leading to fires, explosions, and other dangerous reactions.

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Storing organic peroxides safely is essential to prevent accidents and protect both personnel and the environment. Storing organic peroxides in an indoor storage cabinet that complies with AS 2714 “The storage and handling of organic peroxide” offers several important benefits:

Containment of Hazards:

Organic peroxides can be sensitive to heat, friction, and contamination. Storing them indoors in a designated cabinet helps contain any potential hazards and prevents them from interacting with other materials or conditions that could trigger their decomposition.

Temperature Control:

Organic peroxides are often thermally unstable and can decompose at relatively low temperatures. Indoor storage cabinets provide better temperature control, reducing the risk of heat-induced decomposition.

Protection from Light and UV Radiation:

Some organic peroxides are sensitive to light and UV radiation, which can accelerate their decomposition. Indoor storage provides protection from sunlight and artificial light sources.

Isolation from Incompatibles:

Storing organic peroxides in an indoor cabinet helps separate them from incompatible materials, reducing the risk of reactions that could lead to fires, explosions, or other hazardous situations.

Minimisation of Air Exposure:

Organic peroxides can be sensitive to air, leading to decomposition. Storing them in an enclosed indoor cabinet minimises exposure to air and helps maintain their stability.

Emergency Response:

In the event of a spill, leak, or other emergency situation, indoor storage cabinets facilitate quicker access to spill response materials and equipment.

Labeling and Organisation:

Indoor storage cabinets are often designed with proper labeling and organisation features, making it easier to identify and locate specific organic peroxide containers when needed.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

Storing organic peroxides indoors reduces the potential for accidental releases into the environment, minimising the risk of contamination to soil, water, and air.

It’s crucial to note that the safe storage of organic peroxides requires careful consideration of their specific properties and the guidance provided by chemical manufacturers and regulatory agencies. Always consult safety data sheets (SDS) and adhere to local regulations and guidelines to ensure proper storage practices for organic peroxides.

Key Features

pH7 Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets are designed to meet the standard AS 2714 “The storage and handling of organic peroxides”and contain the following key features:

Double steel walls with a 40mm gap

Self-closing non-latching doors held by a magnet

150mm deep liquid light sump

Recessed door handle

50mm vent bungs with flash arresters (top and bottom)

Static earthing connection

Adjustable perforated shelves which direct spills into the sump

Classification labels

Continuous piano hinge

Sequential opening doors (on the two door models)

Cabinets are available in range of sizes including 30L60L100L, and 100L Oversized

For more information about our range of organic peroxide storage cabinets contact the team on 0800 323 223 or email

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