IBC Containment


IBC Secondary Containment

At pH7 we offer a wide range of IBC secondary containment solutions to capture spills and leaks from your IBC. IBCs, or Intermediary Bulk Containers, are ideal for transporting large amounts of chemicals. They typically hold around 1000L. Unfortunately, when they leak or are damaged that’s a lot of liquid chemicals to capture and contain! However, with the right solution, you can safely store your IBC tanks and capture spills or leaks before they cause slip hazards, environmental, or property damage.

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IBC Spill Pallets

One of the most common ways to safely store an IBC tank is to keep it on an IBC Spill Pallet.  With extra large containment, an IBC Spill Pallet will hold more than 100% of your IBC so if the worst happens and your IBC springs a leak over the weekend then the entire contents of the tanks will spill into the containment sump, making clean-up a lot quicker and easier. IBC Spill Pallets are available as single or double pallets.

IBC Hard Tops

If you want to store your IBC outside to free up space in your warehouse or workshop then an IBC Hard Top is the way to go. Hard Tops provide a cover over the IBC Spill Pallet to protect it from the elements.  Our Hard Tops are lockable to prevent unauthorized access and the swing-out doors make loading and unloading with a forklift a breeze.

Modular IBC Spill Pallets

For the economical containment of multiple IBCs, the Ultra Modular Spill Pallets are the way to go. Each pallet contains 284L and is connected to the neighbouring pallet with “flow-through” bulkhead fittings that allow spills to share the containment of all the pallets. Each pallet is strong enough to hold up to 3 IBC tanks stacked on top of each other, making the best use of space.

If you’d like advice on the best outdoor containment solution for your chemicals, give the team at pH7 a call on 0800 323 223 or send us an enquiry at

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