Gas Cages


Gas Cages

Businesses often store aerosol cans, LPG bottles and other gas cylinders in cages for safety and regulatory compliance. Here are some reasons why gas storage cages are a good idea for your business:

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Fire Safety:

Aerosol and gas cylinders often contain flammable propellants and contents under pressure, making them potentially hazardous in the event of a fire. Storing them in a cage can help contain any potential explosions or fires, limiting the spread of flames and reducing the risk of a catastrophic incident.


Adequate ventilation is important when dealing with gases, as some of their contents can release harmful fumes or gases. Storing aerosols and gas cylinders in a properly designed cage can ensure proper ventilation and prevent the buildup of hazardous gases.

Preventing Damage:

Aerosol cans and gas cylinders can be fragile and are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, impacts, and punctures. Storing them in a cage can offer protection from physical damage caused by accidents, falls, or collisions with other objects.

Organised Storage:

Storing aerosol cans and gas cylinders in a cage or dedicated area can help keep the workspace organised and prevent clutter. This makes it easier to locate specific products, reduces the risk of accidental spills, and minimises the chances of can or cylinders getting misplaced or lost.


Lockable cages can prevent unauthorized access and potential misuse. This is particularly important for businesses dealing with hazardous materials or sensitive products.

Employee Safety:

Storing aerosol cans and gas cylinders in a designated cage helps protect employees from potential accidents and exposure to hazardous substances. It can also prevent accidental releases of contents due to mishandling.

Emergency Response:

In case of an emergency, such as a fire or a chemical leak, having aerosol cans and gas cylinders stored in a controlled area can make it easier for emergency responders to manage the situation and minimise the risks.

Liability Reduction:

Properly storing aerosol cans and gas cylinders in compliance with safety standards can reduce a business’s liability in case of accidents or incidents.

pH7 offers arrange of gas cages for the storage of aerosols, forklift LPG bottles and taller cylinders.  For advice on the right way to store your gases give the team a call on 0800 323 223 or email

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