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Inhalation is one of the most common ways people can get exposed to hazardous substances. Respiratory protection is essential if your workers operate in an environment that may be contaminated. Our extensive range of respiratory protection equipment includes respirators, safety helmets, face shields, and more from leading international manufacturers. Explore our range of respirators in New Zealand online below and enquire today for respiratory protection for your workforce.

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At ph7, we’re committed to providing industry-standard safety solutions to protect people and the environment from hazardous substances. We offer an extensive range of air purifying and air supply respiratory equipment from two leading international manufacturers.


We carry respiratory protection products from Shigematsu – Japan’s leading respiratory manufacturer operating since 1917. Their cutting-edge design and market-leading innovations have seen them grow worldwide, and we are proud to represent them exclusively in New Zealand.


pH7 also has products from CleanAIR – a European company specialising in PAPR and Airline respiratory systems. Each system can be paired with a range of hoods, helmets, and masks or incorporated into chemical suits offering excellent flexibility. Browse our full range of respirators and respiratory protection products below:

As with all HAZCHEM PPE when it comes to choosing the correct respiratory protection it’s vital that you speak with the experts.  You will need to consider:

  • What am I protecting against (Particulates, Mists, Fumes or Gases)?
  • What is the concentration of these contaminants in the work area?
  • How long will you need to be wearing a respirator?
  • What size respirator will I need?
  • Will I need to be fit tested if so, do I have facial hair that could be a problem?
  • How do I what filters to use?
  • When do I change filters?

If it all seems a bit confusing, don’t worry, our highly trained and experienced team, can provide advice on the best solution for your needs to ensure your workers are protected and you can get on with your business.

To get started you can have a look at the products and videos we’ve listed here.  You can also download our Respirator Protection catalogues, which gives you an overview of some of the most common solutions.

To speak with one of the team about your Respiratory Protection needs give us a call on 0800 323 223 or use the chat function on the bottom right of our webpage.

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