Site Signs


If you store hazardous substances on-site then you need to make sure that visitors, workers, and emergencies services that enter your site are made aware of the potential risks.

Site signs include:

  • Entrance and gate signage – often these are reasonably general and will simply involve a sign that includes the warning word HAZCHEM, pictograms of the hazard classes stored on site, your companies name and the number to call in the event of an emergency (i.e. IN EMERGENCY DIAL 11 FIRE BRIGADE-POLICE-AMBULENCE)
  • Building signs – as you approach the building where a particular hazardous substance(s) is stored, more detailed information is required including the warning word HAZCHEM, the HAZCHEM response code (e.g. 3YE), The UN No. of the chemical and it’s common name, precautionary statement (e.g. No smoking), Pictograms and emergency contact details.
  • Tank signs – like the building signs these need to be specific to the chemical they are holding and visible for all reasonable angles of approach.
  • Rural signs – most farms will store agrichemicals and fuels on site and will need to display HAZCHEM AGRICHEMICAL sign with the appropriate HAZCHEM response code.

It’s important that you get these signs correct.  The knowledgeable and experienced staff at pH7 are familiar with the appropriate regulations around HAZCHEM signage and can help you design the signs and produce the correct signage for your site.  We can customise signage for your specific needs, including company logos and contact details and can turn around your signs in a couple of days so you can get back to your real job.  Let us take the hassle out of being compliant.

To get started you can have a look at the products we’ve listed here.  To speak with one of the team about your HAZCHEM signage needs give us a call on 0800 323 223 or use the chat function on the bottom right of our webpage. Ask us about coming to your site and doing a site signage assessment.