CleanAIR Chemical 2F/3F


CleanAIR® is a personal respiratory protection system, based on the principle of overpressure of filtered air in the breathing zone. The respirator is placed on the wearer’s belt. It filtrates the air from the surrounding environment and delivers it through a hose into a protective mask or hood. The overpressure prevents the contaminants from entering the breathing zone. This mild overpressure at the same time ensures the wearer’s comfortable feeling even with long-term use, as the wearer is not forced to overcome the breathing resistance of the filters.

The new generation of powered air purifying respirator filtrates contaminants in the form of gases, vapours, particles and their combinations. Despite its compact size and light weight, the Chemical 2F unit has high mechanical, chemical and UV resistance. The construction of the unit allows easy decontamination in a shower thanks to Ingress Protection IP65. The unique automatic closing system prevents unwanted contamination of the unit by particles while the filters are being changed. A full-colour display clearly shows all the relevant information. Areas of application include the chemical industry, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and asbestos removal.

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