Funnels and Trays



pH7 funnels are designed to stop those annoying small spills that can happen when decanting liquids. The UltraTech bung access funnel turns your entire drum top into a funnel and the unique zig-zag channelled surface diffuses splashes, while level surfaces allow filters, paint cans, buckets, and bottles to stand upright while draining passively. Ultra Burp-Free funnels screw into the drum or IBC bung and allow air to vent through a specially designed “snorkel” to avoid splashes and ‘burping”.

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Utility Trays

When working with smaller containers such as 1L, 5L or 20L containers having a portable and versatile utility tray is a great way to contain small spills and leaks. Keeping your worksite free of slip risks and environmental contamination.  The Ultra Utility Trays are nestable for easy storage when not in use and UltraTech’s Ultra-Utility Trays are engineered with heavy-duty polyethylene (LLDPE) and designed to contain liquid spilled or leaked from containers. A ribbed platform on the bottom of the tray helps keep cans, pails and other containers out of smaller spills.

Lab Trays

You won’t find 200L drums on top of most laboratory countertops. So, it goes without saying that you’re even less likely to find a spill pallet on those countertops. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a need for spill containment for the smaller containers that are commonly used in labs, research environments, and medical facilities.

The Ultra-Spill Trays provide countertop spill containment of up to 2.9 gallons for jars, beakers and other smaller containers. The tray’s grating keeps containers out of any spillage and is easily removed if any cleanup is necessary. A built-in spout makes removing any spilled liquids quick and easy.

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