Disposable Respirators


Disposable respirators are respiratory protection equipment (RPE) that are designed for single use.

Like all negative pressure RPE, disposable respirators need a good face seal to be effective and should be fit-tested prior to use.

Disposable respirators come in a variety of shapes and styles, some with valves that allow exhaled air to pass easily out of the respirator to reduce breathing resistance and moisture levels inside the mask and some without valves that are better if the wearer is trying not to contaminate others while wearing the mask, as was the case with COVID-19.

pH7 currently offers two types of disposable respirators that are certified to meet the European standard FFP2. This means they have been independently tested and shown to filter at least 95% of particulates. Both masks are non-valved making them suitable for use with COVID-19 as well as providing protection to the wearer from particulates such as dust, smoke, fumes, mist and viruses.

If you need advice on the right type of respiratory protection for your business, given the team at pH7 a call today or drop us an email.

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