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Shigematsu Works is Japan’s leading manufacturer of respiratory protection. Founded in 1917, Shigematsu, or STS for short, is dedicated to “Safety with Style”.

Shigematsu offers a wide range of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), silicone half masks, and full mask masks, along with replaceable filters for particulates, gases, and vapours.

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Shigematsu respirators and filters are designed to meet AS/NZS 1716 and the European CE standards.

These reusable respirators offer many advantages over disposable respirators, including:

      1. It is easier to get a good face seal and offer greater protection as a result.
      2. They can offer protection against a wider variety of particulates, gases, and vapours or a combination of these.
      3. Filters are interchangeable with the face piece, so they can be used to protect against different hazards.
      4. If well maintained, they can last for several years, meaning the lifetime cost of the respirator can be much less than a disposable mask that is changed every day.
      5. They often have additional features, such as a speech diaphragm to aid communication, anti-fog visors on full face masks, and multiple adjustment points on harnesses to ensure a good fit.

In addition to their range of negative pressure half masks and full face masks, Shigematsu also offers several models of PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator), which take the effort out of breathing and are ideal for users required to wear RPE for long periods.

The Synch01 is a full-face breath-responsive PAPR designed for use in the asbestos market or with other toxic particulates such as silica dust. The cleaver fan unit contains a pressure sensor that detects when the pressure inside the mask begins to drop. Once this is detected, the fan will activate, facilitating clean air into the mask. When you exhale, the sensor detects the pressure is increasing and turns off the motor. This means you can have a much smaller battery and longer filter life while still having positive pressure in the mask at all times.

The Synch09 builds on the success of the Synch01 but has added an even larger visor with an anti-fog coating. It also has an upgraded exhalation valve that allows it to be used with a large combination of gas and particulate filters and a speech amplifier to make communication even better.

The Synch11 is a breath-responsive PAPR in a half-mask configuration.

Invest in the Best Reusable Respirators with pH7

For cost-efficiency that does not compromise employee safety, trust pH7. Our reusable respirators are cost-effective over the long term, reducing the need for frequent replacements and overall expenses. We work with only industry-leading brands that provide workers comfort and protection for demanding tasks that require prolonged exposure to hazardous substances. With Shigematsu reusable masks, we assure your safety and comfort. Make the practical choice without compromising on quality. For any questions or concerns, call 0800 323 223 or use the chat function on the bottom right of our webpage.

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