Class 4 Hazardous Goods


Class 4 DG Cabinets

Class 4 DG substances include flammable solids, self-reactive substances or mixtures (aka spontaneously combustible substances), and pyrophoric liquids, pyrophoric solids, self-heating substances and mixtures should be stored in specific storage cabinets.  Unlike flammable liquid storage cabinets which should be self-closing and self-latching, Class 4 DG cabinets MUST NOT latch, but instead be held by friction or magnet so that the door may open encase of internal pressure build-up.

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Key Features

pH7 Class 4 DG cabinets are designed to meet the standard AS/NZS 5026 and contain the following key features:

  • Double steel walls with a 40mm gap
  • Self-closing non-latching doors held by a magnet
  • 150mm deep liquid light sump
  • Recessed door handle
  • 50mm vent bungs with flash arresters (top and bottom)
  • Static earthing connection
  • Adjustable perforated shelves which direct spills into the sump
  • Classification labels
  • Continuous piano hinge
  • Sequential opening doors (on the two door models)

Cabinets are available in range of sizes including 30L, 60L, 100L, 160L and 250L.

For more information about our range of indoor Class 4 DG storage cabinets contact the team on 0800 323 223 or email

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