Ventilated Suits


Ventilated Suits

pH7 offers several air-fed and ventilated chemical suits which combine chemical body protection with respiratory protection.  They’re called “ventilated suits” because they include valves that allow over-pressured air inside the suite to ventilate out. The chemical suits are over-pressured as they have air pumped into the suit either by a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) or an airline attached to a regulator inside the suit.

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The clean air entering the suit leads to them being inflated and over pressured compared to the surrounding environment.  This offers several safety features:

  1. Ventilated suits combine both respiratory and chemical body protection in one without the need to wear a respirator. This is often more comfortable and lighter for the user.
  2. Being over pressured inside the suit makes it more difficult for contaminants such as fine particulates, gases and liquids to enter the suit.
  3. With air being constantly circulated within the suit, users are often able to avoid or minimize the heat stress that can be common when wearing standard chemical suits.

AlphaTec ventilated suits are available in range of fabrics for protection against different substances and are used in the pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory industries.

For more information, give the pH7 team a call on 0800 323 223 or email

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