Outdoor Hard Tops


Outdoor Hard Tops

Outdoor Hard Tops provide all the benefits of secondary containment for drums and IBCs (Intermediary Bulk Containers) PLUS the added benefit of being able to move your containment outdoors with the containment sump protected from the rain that would otherwise fill the sump.

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pH7 has a wide selection of Hard Tops for the storage of 1-Drum, 2-Drum, 4 Drum and IBCs.Any secondary containment sump placed outdoors is going to fill with rainwater unless properly covered.  When your sump is full of water there is no room for spill containment when needed. To avoid this, you can use a pull over cover to place over your drums and the sump, but these can be blown off by the wide and left unsecured by workers in a hurry.  The Ultra-Hard Top solves this problem and offers a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Tall space above the drums to allow for pumps and funnels
  • A roll top for easy access to drum tops
  • Swing out doors for forklift entry on the P2, P2, and IBC models
  • Additional space for optional ramps
  • Hardtops are lockable with a standard padlock

Check out the range of benefits offered in this video:

Benefits of moving outdoors

When warehouse or workshop space is limited, it makes good sense to move your bulky drums and IBCs outside into the yard. Security can be maintained as all our Hard Tops can be locked using a standard padlock to stop unauthorized access.

Full polyethene construction

Our Hard Tops are constructed from polyethylene, which means they are suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals, including those that would normally be corrosive to metals. You can see the chemical compatibility table here.

If you’d like advice on the best outdoor containment solution for your chemicals, give the team at pH7 a call on 0800 323 223 or send us an enquiry at

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