Drum Containment


Drum Containment

60L and 200L drums are widely used throughout the world to store and transport chemicals. Like all liquid containers, they also present a risk of spill and leaks due to corrosion, damage or accident.

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Storing your drums on secondary containment devices such as spill pallets and spill deck is considered best practice and can help your business avoid accidental discharge of chemicals into the environment or workplace.pH7 offers one of the widest selections of secondary containment pallets, decks, overpacks and outdoor containment solutions in New Zealand.

Spill Pallets

2-drum and 4-drum spill pallets are an economical way of storing drums indoors or undercover. They offer built-in containment to capture spills and leaks and have removable grates for easy access and cleaning of the sump.

Spill Decks

For a low-profile solution spill decks offer containment but on a much lower platform that makes loading and unloading without a forklift much simpler. The Ultra-Spill Deck system offers flow-through bulkhead fittings and a hidden bladder system for increased containment.

Spill Deck Bladder Systems

Ultra-Spill Deck Bladders Systems offer all the benefits of a low-profile spill deck with the increased containment capacity of much larger pallets. The hidden bladder system only unfurls to hold an additional 250L of a spill when needed, otherwise, it’s neatly tucked away.


Ultra Overpacks are UN rated salvage drums that can be used to contain leaking and damaged drums of all sizes.

Outdoor Hardtops and Covers

Storing drums outside can free valuable floor space in your workshop or warehouse. When using secondary containment pallets outside you need to be mindful that unless protected, they can fill with rainwater. The Ultra Outdoor Hardtop or pullover covers solve this problem by ensuring drums are stored under cover and out of the weather.

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