Class 3 Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets


Flammable Storage Cabinets

Proper storage of flammable liquids is crucial to ensure safety in various environments, including industrial settings and laboratories. pH7 offers a range of high-quality flammable goods storage cabinets all meeting the requirements of AS1940.

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Key features of our cabinets:

  • Double steel walls with a 40mm gap
  • Self-closing and 3-point latching doors
  • 150mm deep liquid light sump
  • Recessed door handle with key lock
  • 50mm vent bungs with flash arresters (top and bottom)
  • Static earthing connection
  • Adjustable perforated shelves which direct spills into the sump
  • Classification labels
  • Continuous piano hinge
  • Sequential opening doors (on the two door models)

Why store flammables in a flammable storage cabinet

Storing flammable liquids in an indoor storage cabinet is a recommended practice due to the numerous safety benefits it offers. Here are some reasons why using indoor storage cabinet specifically designed for flammable liquids is important:

Fire Containment:

Flammable liquids are prone to ignition and can quickly spread fires if not properly contained. Indoor storage cabinets are designed with fire-resistant materials that can help contain and delay the spread of fire, giving occupants more time to respond and evacuate if necessary.

Protection from Ignition Sources:

Indoor storage cabinets provide a controlled environment that helps isolate flammable liquids from potential ignition sources such as sparks, open flames, and electrical equipment. This reduces the likelihood of accidental fires.

Ventilation Management:

Flammable liquids can release vapours that are hazardous when concentrated. Indoor storage cabinets often come equipped with ventilation systems or provisions for ventilation, allowing for the safe dispersal of vapours and preventing their accumulation to dangerous levels.

Spill Containment:

Flammable liquid storage cabinets are designed with spill containment features, such as sump trays or removable shelves, to contain any leaks or spills that might occur. This prevents spilled liquids from spreading, evaporating, or creating potentially flammable puddles.

Organisation and Accessibility:

Storage cabinets provide an organised and systematic way to store flammable liquids. Labels, signage, and clear shelving make it easier to identify, access, and manage inventory, reducing the chances of mistakes or confusion.

Worker Safety:

Indoor storage cabinets help protect workers by limiting their exposure to flammable liquids and their vapours. When stored in a proper cabinet, flammable liquids are less likely to accidentally come into contact with workers, reducing the risk of inhalation or skin contact.

Security and Unauthorised Access:

Cabinets provide a level of security and control over access to flammable liquids. Lockable doors on these cabinets prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the liquids, reducing the potential for accidents caused by untrained individuals.

Emergency Response:

In case of a spill or fire, having flammable liquids stored in a dedicated cabinet makes it easier for emergency responders to identify and manage the situation. They can quickly access the cabinet to assess the hazards and take appropriate actions.

For more information about our range of indoor flammable storage cabinets contact the team on 0800 323 223 or email

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