If you wear a close-fitting respirator for work that relies on the face seal to achieve the designed protection, you need to ensure that your respirator has been properly fit-tested. This is a requirement of the standard AS/NZS 1715. pH7 carries out expert respiratory fit testing in NZ compliant with regulatory bodies. Learn more below.

When should fit testing be carried out?

Protecting the workforce does not stop at investing in industry-standard respirators. Professional respiratory fit testing ensures respirator products adequately accommodate one’s facial characteristics, preventing harmful pathogens from bypassing the filter and entering the wearer’s airstream. Respiratory fit testing is a requirement and should always be done:

  • Before a respirator is issued to ensure the correct size and a proper fit.
  • Whenever there is a change of facial characteristics or other features, e.g. loss of teeth or excessive change in weight.
  • Biological testing shows excessive exposure to contaminants.
  • At least every 12 months
  • When exposed to contaminants

Expert respiratory fit testing at pH7

The pH7 team is adept in properly donning and wearing a respirator. We are experts in respiratory fit testing and advise employees in correctly using a specific make, model, style, and size of respirator. We can do two types of fit tests to encourage proper fitting and checking procedures, including:

Qualitative fit testing

These are fast and easy to perform. However, the test relies on the wearer’s subjective response. As such, it’s less reliable than a quantitative fit test. How does it work? The wearer will have a plastic hood over their head and a respirator fitted. The tester will ask them to perform a series of movements and tasks, such as breathing deeply and moving their head from side to side or up and down. The tester will then release a fine spray with a distinctive smell and taste into the hood. If the wearer cannot smell or taste the spray, they have achieved a good face seal.

Quantitative fit testing

pH7 uses the latest PortaCount Fit Tester 8048+ with FitPro Ultra software to accurately measure the efficiency of a respirator at preventing material in the atmosphere from entering the wearer’s breathing zone.

7 Reasons to choose pH7 for respiratory fit testing

Fit testing ensures that the respirators worn by workers are safe and effective in providing a seal against harmful pathogens. pH7 has the skills, knowledge, and equipment to provide the best respiratory fit testing.

  • We are Commit2Fit certified fit testers.
  • We come to you.
  • We use the latest testing equipment.
  • We offer both qualitative and quantitative fit testing.
  • We do fit testing of any group size from 1-100.
  • We have affordable pricing.
  • We provide complimentary advice on maintaining and using your respirator.

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