Drive-Over Bunding


Drive Over Bunding

When you have a lot of chemicals to contain, the most economical way of doing so is to install bunding across your warehouse doorway or in front of the racking to create a large containment area.

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pH7 offers several different bunding materials that can be driven over. Each material is suitable for different budgets and different jobs.

SpillTech EVA Economic Bunding

EVA foam is a chemically resistant closed-cell foam that does not absorb liquids. It’s available in two profiles, 20mm and 40mm, both of which come precut in 2m blanks but can easily be cut to whatever size you need.  SpillTech Economy Bunding is ideal for placing in front or racking or areas of low traffic.  Pre-cut corners are also available.

SpillTech UltraBund

UltraBund is made from a UV stablished urethane, ideal for containing corrosives and toxic substances. Available in two heights, 25mm and 32mm both 1m long.

SpillTech Aluminium Bunding

Aluminium bunding is designed for use with flammable liquids, This supper strong bunding is manufactured from extruded aluminium and is glued and bolted to the floor. Corners can be mitred by pH7 and once installed the bunding will last for many years.

Whichever solution you need, pH7 is able to help. Call the team on 08000 323 223 or email at for more information.

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