CleanAIR® is a personal respiratory protection system, based on the principle of overpressure of filtered air in the breathing zone. The respirator is placed on the wearer’s belt. It filtrates the air from the surrounding environment and delivers it through a hose into a protective mask or hood. The overpressure prevents the contaminants from entering the breathing zone. This mild overpressure at the same time ensures the wearer’s comfortable feeling even with long-term use, as the wearer is not forced to overcome the breathing resistance of the filters.

CleanAIR® Basic brings the time-tested construction, a new look and the newest technology.

The Basic unit provides efficient protection in environments with hazardous particles in the form of solid and liquid aerosols (such as dust, smoke, fumes and fibres). It is equipped with the function of electronic constant airflow control, with an advanced system for warning the wearer in case of low airflow and with a Li-Ion battery. The airflow is individually adjustable (from 170 lpm up to 240 lpm) and can be easily set by just one button. All the relevant information is clearly visible on the newly designed LED control panel.

Areas of application include welding, grinding, and surface finishing operations. Dusty industrial environments, automotive and shipbuilding industry, construction and food processing industries.

The CleanAIR Basic is can be purchased as a starter kit or a range of complete Ready 2 Work and Ready 2 Weld kits.

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