Eye & Face Protection


When working with hazardous substances, especially corrosives, it is essential that you protect your eyes and face.  Eye injuries are one of the most common injuries that occur to workers in New Zealand.  Class 8 corrosive chemicals are used in many cleaning products and during industrial manufacturing processes. Splashes to the face and eyes can happen quickly and the impact can be devastating, including burns, damage to soft eye tissue and in the worst case the loss of sight.

To help workers protect their eyes and face, pH7 offers three types of eye and face protection:

  1. Eyewear – safety glasses that offer splash protection
  2. Face Shield – single use face shield to stops splashes and droplets while providing and excellent field of vision
  3. Hoods – range of chemical hoods that cover the head (and shoulders in some cases)

For advice on the best solution for your needs, contact our highly trained and experienced team or ask us a question using our chat function on the bottom right of our webpage.

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