CleanAir® by Malina-Safety was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic and are specialist manufacturers of powered air purifying respirators and airline systems used throughout industry.

Their ISO 9001:2015 approved manufacturing facilities are state of the art. In 2010 CleanAir® received the Expoprotection Paris Innovation Trophy prize for the Chemical 2F unit.

PAPR and airline units can be matched with a wide array of hood, helmets and masks to deliver overpressure, filtered air to the breathing zone.  The overpressure prevents contaminants from entering the breathing zone.

This mild overpressure at the same time ensures the wearer’s comfort even with long-term use, as the wearer is not forced to overcome the breathing resistance of the filters.

CleanAIR Catalogue 2023CleanAIR Filter Selection Guide

Importance of Respiratory Protection
Means of Respiratory Protection
Principles of Filtration
Understanding Filter Classes EN vs AS/NZS