Activating your plumbed shower and eyewash weekly is a requirement of AS4775

Did you know that AS4775, The Emergency Shower and Eyewash Standard, requires that your emergency showers, eyewashes, eye/face washes or combination units be activated weekly?

The exact wording of the standard is this:

“Plumbed shower [eyewash, eye/facewash, or combination] equipment shall be activated weekly for a period long enough to verify operation and ensure flushing fluid is available.”

The purpose of the flush test is three-fold.

  1. It checks that the plumbed equipment is working, and flushing fluid is available (upstream valves should be locked on at all times, but if they have accidentally been turned off the weekly flush test will discover this).
  2. It clears the lines of any sediment build-up that could prevent fluid from being delivered.
  3. It minimizes microbial contamination due to sitting water in stanchions.

Quick Tip: The SE950 – Test Sock and Bucket is a simple accessory to make the weekly flush test of your shower quick and easy.

By holding the handle of the sock, you can place it over the shower head and direct water into the bucket below. This is a great way of avoiding wet clothes and shoes!

Finally, you should also know that your plumbed showers and eyewashes also require an annual check which is a lot more detailed.  This includes checking flow rates, water temperatures, water patterns, location of installation and more.

You can download the compliance check list here or speak to us about arranging for one of our team to come out and perform your annual checks.

If you’d like any advice and what the standards required and how you can help your clients meet that standards, then talk to the team at ph7 International on 0800 323 223, email  or visit us online at

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