Ultra Rapid Boom has landed!

Looking for rapid spill response on water? Then you need to check this out.  We’ve just landed our first two trial units of the Ultra Rapid Boom.

Firstly, lets address the naming / branding as you have Harbo, Lamor, UltraTech and ph7 International…confused yet?

The boom was invented by a start-up called Harbo. They saw that most on water spill response was measured in hours and days and they wanted to create a containment boom you could deploy in seconds and minutes.

Having successfully developed and commercialised the Harbo Rapid Boom they were purchased by Lamor, one of the leading spill response equipment and service providers in the world.

Having the manufacturing capability and some great product is one thing, but getting it distributed around the world and supported in each country is something else.  This is where UltraTech and ph7 International come in. UltraTech secured the rights to distribute and add the Harbo Rapid Boom to their extensive distribution network. In New Zealand, ph7 International is the exclusive agent for UltraTech. Our job is to import, stock, promote, demonstrate, and support this product in the New Zealand market.

Now that our first samples have arrived, you’ll be hearing a bit more about this product.  As soon as lockdown is over the team at Maritime NZ will be hearing from us, along with marina operators, regional councils, harbour masters and port authorities.

But you don’t have to wait for us.  Feel free to get in contact to book a demo if you think this is something that is of interest to your organisation.

Five reasons to take a closer look:

  1. Speed – The Rapid Boom comes in 15m sections that can be deployed in under a minute
  2. Ease – no special training required, so simple and easy to use.
  3. Portable – compact and Lightweight (<20kg) design makes transporting easy, great for remote locations or simply throwing on a boat to take to the spill.
  4. Extendable – each 15m length can simply be connected to the next 15m length in a matter of seconds to make a continuous floating barrier.
  5. Re-usable – after use, simply wash it down and repack it ready for next time.

For more information on this versatile product please click on the links below:

If you’d like to book a demo of this product then talk to the team at ph7 International on 0800 323 223, email

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