Tired of dealing with Cowboy Suppliers

Five reasons why we encourage resellers and end users to work with suppliers that understand the Standards around Hazardous Goods Storage cabinets. Let’s face it, competition in business is a reality, but is price the sole driver of sensible purchasing decisions?  When investing in products like these, it makes sense to deal with a company that knows what its talking about!

The product below is advertised locally on the web.  There are FIVE things that are misleading or just plain wrong!  Scroll to the bottom and see if you picked them all.

  1. The doors are NOT allowed to stay open unless they are held by a device that automatically releases at 80°C (there is no such device obvious here) – source AS1940 section 4.9.2 (g)
  2. The bottom shelf must be placed just above the top of the sump to prevent the sump from being used for storage – source AS1940 section 4.9.2 (c). The sump is specifically there to contain spilled product.
  3. A Flammable Storage cabinet cannot be suitable for BOTH Class 3 and 4! It’s either one or the other as they have different design requirements – Class 4 doors are non-latching while those on Class 3 must latch – source  AS1940 section 4.9.2 (f) and ASNZ5026 section 5.7.3 (b)
  4. There is no such thing as EPA and HSNO compliant – there are only AS/NZ Standards that relate to the design of different cabinet.
  5. Being manufactured to “AS1940 standards” – only applies to Class 3 (not class 4 as claimed above)

So, who would you rather deal with?  A company that has good intentions but little understanding of the Standards and what they are selling, or ph7 International, New Zealand’s leading supplier of safety solutions for business working with hazardous substances?

We’ve been round 21 years and we know what we’re talking about! If you would like to know more, please contact us on 0800 323 223 or

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