The Cheapest Product vs The Cheapest Solution

How often have you purchased a product that is cheaper than its competitor, only to find that there are lots of hidden costs you didn’t expect?  Too often when businesses purchase spill absorbents, they only look at the upfront cost of the product and don’t consider the other real costs such as:

  • How absorbent the is the product?
    • A $40 bag of absorbent that absorbs 25L is better value than a $30 bag that only absorbs 15L ($1.60 per litre absorbed vs $2 per litre absorbed)
  • How quickly can the product be used?
    • Some absorbents take a long time to absorb a spill and every minute that your staff are waiting round costs DOUBLE their hourly wage. There’s the cost of their time cleaning up the spill PLUS the lost time when they could have been doing something productive.
  • How much waste are you left with to dispose of?
    • It’s a little-known fact that largest cost of a spill is the disposal of the waste which is calculated on the total weight. Heavier absorbents, or those that require a lot of absorbent material, cost significantly more to dispose of.
  • What’s the environmental cost?
    • Although this doesn’t affect you directly, many companies now are preferring to opt for products with more sustainability credentials, natural, renewable products that don’t cause environment damage are preferable if they can perform equally as well.

SpillFix, the 100% sustainable Coir fibre (coconut husk) absorbent ticks all the boxes and is proving a huge success against more traditional zeolite (kitty litter).

To help clarify the difference we’re produced a simple infographic that you can download by clicking the image below:

If you’d like to get a sample to see for yourself, just drop us a line at

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