SpillTech® EVA Foam Bunding

SpillTech® EVA Foam Bunding (Economy) enables you to build your own bunded area to stop spills going down the drain, quickly and cost effectively.  SpillTech® Economy Bunding is perfect for installing across warehouse and factory doorways or creating a customised bunded area to store liquids.

Constructed from heavy duty EVA foam, SpillTech® Economy Bunding will compress slightly when driven over then pop back into shape. The trapezoid profile makes it easy for pallet jacks and trolleys to pass over without disturbing the load.

SpillTech Economy Bunding offers a range of benefits:

  • Easy to install (simply glue in place)
  • Cost effective
  • Build your own customised bunded area.
  • Can be driven over.
  • Prefabricated corners available
  • Available in low or mid profile
  • Available in black or high visibility yellow
  • Resistant to wide range of chemicals

Watch our video below on how to install our SpillTech® EVA Foam Bunding:

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