Spill Decks vs Spill Pallets

A common question from businesses evaluating their secondary containment needs is “what’s the difference between Spill Decks and Spill Pallets?”

Most businesses are familiar with Spill Pallets which typically contain around 250L and allow you to store 2-4 drums on them and will capture spills or leaks.  Spill Decks however are less well understood so today we’re going to explain the three major benefits they offer.

But first, here’s what we mean when we talk about Ultra Spill Decks.  Ultra-Spill Decks come in 1, 2, and 4 drum models. They differ from Spill Pallets in that they have a very low profile, about the same height as a wooden pallet.

This reduces their containment capacity (how much of a spill they can hold) but Ultra-Spill Decks have some tricks up their sleeve to address that as you’ll see below.

Three BIG benefits of Ultra-Spill Decks:

Low Profile:

At just 146mm high, the Ultra-Spill Decks offer a major benefit over standard spill pallets. Firstly, drum tops are at a lower, more user-friendly height, which is useful when decanting into drums. But most importantly, the low profile makes getting drums on and off a breeze, without the need for a forklift.  There are three easy ways to get drums on and off:

  • Using a pallet jack to place your wooden pallet with drums on, next to the Ultra-Spill Deck, then simply roll them across from the wooden pallet to the spill deck which is at the same height.
  • Simply roll the drum up to the Ultra-SpillDeck, place the edge of the drum and roll it up on to the deck.
  • Use a drum trolley in conjunction with an optional ramp to push the trolley and drum up onto the Ultra-Spill Deck.

Modular System:

All models of Ultra-Spill Deck 1, 2, 4 drum plus the ramp can be connected together in any configuration to meet your needs.  The hollow “flow-through” bulkhead fittings not only lock each deck to the next, they also allow containment capacity to be shared increasing the total capacity of the system.


If you need more containment capacity simply add one or more hidden bladder systems. This patented innovation offers an additional 250L of containment in a polyethylene bladder that remains hidden until it’s needed then automatically unfurls to take care of large spills.

We’ve got some great training videos on the Ultra-Spill Decks and Ultra Spill Deck Bladder System which you can view below:

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