Looking Non-Compliance in the Eye

Before we had an appropriate Australian/ New Zealand standard for emergency eyewashes to refer to (AS4775:2007), eyewashes used to look like this.  This wonderful contraption is activated by placing your forehead on the black bar which opens the valve and water comes shooting out of a series of holes in the eyewash unit.  It all sounds good on paper, but in reality, the water shoots out at such velocity that any foreign material in your eyes is likely to be blasted out the back of your head!

These eyewashes do not comply in the following specifications:

  • Low velocity flow rate that is non-injurious to the user
  • Nozzles shall be protected from airborne contaminants
  • Delivers a suitable eyewash pattern as specified in AS4775
  • Eyewash pattern between 83.8cm and 134.6cm from the floor
  • Valve actuator is easy to locate and readily accessible by the user

If we’re being generous, we’d call this eyewash “Old Skool” or “Retro”, however if we’re being WorkSafe, we would call it “non-compliant” and potentially “dangerous”.

Despite this we come across these eyewashes all too often in New Zealand workplaces.  So, if your industrial worksite has one of more of these relics of the past have a look at what a compliant eyewash looks like:

  • The Guardian G1750P is a wall mounted eye/face wash with hand operated actuator that delivers a soft flow of aerated water to the eyes and face.
  • The pattern ensures both eyes and face can be flushed while your hands remain free to hold open your eyelids.
  • The stay-on valve means you can get the recommended 15-minute flush before actively turning off the valve.
  • Each spray head has a flip-top dust cover that automatically opens when the flow begins, internal flow control and filter to remove impurities from the water flow.
  • What’s more each unit comes with a compliant identification sign to place on the wall above the eyewash.

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