Is Your Hazardous Storage Cabinet Up to Scratch?

We’ve recently seen a spike in sales of Hazardous Storage Cabinets with what appears to be a strong focus from Worksafe around the safe storage of flammable liquids.  So, we thought now was an opportune time to give you a few tips on how check whether your Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet is up to spec.

5 Things to Check on your Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet:


The following marks must be present on your Hazardous Storage Cabinet:

  • Name and Address of manufacturer or importer.
  • A Max Capacity sticker indicating the maximum amount of flammable liquids to be store in the cabinet.
  • A Class 3 dangerous goods labels at least 250mm long.
  • A sign bearing the sign “NO SMOKING, NO IGNITION SOURCES WITHIN 3m”

2 | MEETS AS1940

This is the standard that sets out how indoor storage cabinets must be constructed. Check that your cabinet as it complies with AS1940. All ph7 International Cabinets have a sticker on the inside of the door that explains the main requirements of the standard.


All doors must be self closing and self latching.  If your cabinet has two doors then they should have a sequential closing system that ensure the doors close and latch regardless of which door you let go of first.

4 | SUMP

Check your sump in the cabinet is 150mm deep and that nothing can be stored in the sump.


Check all doors, walls and roof are constructed of double walled steel with a 40mm gap.

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