If you’ve got gas then you need a gas cage!

Have you got gas? This question may seem a little personal in a business setting, but I assure you I’m not referring to the after effects of a rich meal but instead whether your business uses aerosol cans, LPG bottles, forklift gas bottle or the tall/skinny G-size gas cylinders.

Best practice is to store your gas bottles or aerosols in a gas cage. At ph7 International we offer a range of gas cages that enable you to safely and securely store your gas bottles or aerosol cans.

Available in two sizes (small and large), our gas cages can be configured differently depending on your needs as shown below:

HAZBOX® Small Aerosol CageHBGCA200Small Cage + Extra Shelf200 Aerosol Cans
HAZBOX® Large Aerosol CageHBGCA400Large Cage + 3 x Extra Shelves400 Aerosol Cans
HAZBOX® Small Forklift CageHBGCF4Small Cage + 2 x Chains4 x 18Kg LPG Cylinders
HAZBOX® Large Forklift CageHBGCF8Large Cage + 4 x Chains + Extra Shelf8 x 18Kg LPG Cylinders
HAZBOX® G-Size Cylinder CageHBGCG9Large Cage + 2 x Chains9 x G-Size Cylinders

All cages, come with strong magnetic door latches and can be padlocked for additional security (padlock not supplied).  The predrilled feet also allow the cages to be bolted to the ground for additional security. The yellow powder coated steel is suitable for use outdoors and the mesh walls allow for free-flowing ventilation.

HAZBOX gas cages come flat packed for easy shipping and can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes.

If you’d like any advice on the best way to store your aerosol cans, then talk to the team at ph7 International on 0800 323 223, email  or visit us online at

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