Exclusive master distributor for SpillFix in New Zealand

ph7 International is pleased to advise that we have been appointed the master distributor for SpillFix in New Zealand.  SpillFix, manufactured by Galuku International, is a leading industrial spill absorbent that is 100% organic and renewable. Made from coir peat (coconut fibre), SpillFix absorbs hazardous and non-hazardous spills on contact and is light and easy to use.

SpillFix is a natural fit for ph7 International and will complement our extensive range of safety solutions for businesses working with hazardous substances. While ph7 International has been distributing SpillFix for some time, being appointed the exclusive master distributor gives us the confidence to really get behind the product and drive its growth.  We’ve always been a big fan of SpillFix due to its effectiveness and now we will be investing the time and resources to ensure the rest of the market gets to know the product and make the switch from less effective and less sustainable absorbents.

ph7 International officially takes over the supply of SpillFix from 15 June 2019. Stock of the 50L bags is currently available from ph7 International’s Auckland warehouse. Our first full container of product is due around mid August and will include both the 15L and 50L bags the market is already familiar with as well as new 1.5m and 3m booms and a new 3L shaker bottle, ideal for retailers and smaller users.

As part of our distribution agreement we have agreed to create and run a SpillFix website in New Zealand at (coming soon) which will be based on the hugely successful US website This will allow industrial users to find a distributor nearby and smaller users to purchase via a Trademe store.

We’ll also be offering industrial distributors new pallet rate pricing and a range of SpillFix focused spill kits.  For more information about SpillFix please contact ph7 International on 0800 323 223 or visit us at

Yours sincerely

Darryl Burn

Managing Director

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