Drive-Over Bunding Comparison

The key to controlling spills in your work area is being prepared, because once a hazardous liquid is already flowing in to a drain, it is too late to take corrective action.  When it comes to choosing the correct bunding option there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

  1. What type of chemicals are you containing? Flammables and oxidisers are best contained behind aluminium bunding which is non-combustible, while corrosives are best behind the chemically resistant EVA Foam or UltraBund, constructed from chemically resistant urethane.
  2. What height does the bund need to be? Profiles range from 20mm high up to 40mm high.
  3. How ward wearing does it need to be? In high traffic areas such as doorways, you’re best to go with the UltraBund or Aluminium bunding.
  4. Required service life. SpillTech Aluminium bunding is a little more expensive upfront but no further expense is required over the coming 10 years which can save you a lot of money over time.

The infographic below helps to summarise our three styles of bunding (click on image to enlarge and download):

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