Calculating the containment volume for a bunded area

If there’s one question we get asked a lot, it’s how do we work out the amount of containment volume in litres for a bunded area?  This is because customers either want to know how much containment they will have if they place bunding across the doorway or if they have a certain amount of liquid to contain and want to know how large a bunded area they will need to contain it.

If you remember back to your old math classes, you’ll know that to calculate the volume of a box is simply a matter of multiplying the Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H).  This will give you a cubic meter (m3) figure.  To turn this into litres you need to multiple by 1,000 as there are 1,000L in a cubic meter.

Credit: Anderson (Andertoons)


If you have a warehouse space that is 20m long and 12m wide and want to figure out how many litres of containment each of the SpillTech Ultra-Bund® profiles (25mm or 32mm) will give you if you bunded the doorway, you would calculate this as follows:

1. Ultra-Bund® – 25mm profile bunding across doorway:

20m (L) x 12m (W) x .025m (H) = 6.0m3 x 1,000 = 6,000L of containment

2. Ultra-Bund® – 32mm profile bunding across doorway:

20m (L) x 12m (W) x .032m (H) = 7.68m3 x 1,000 = 7,680L of containment

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