7 Fast Facts – Respiratory Filter Types

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  1. Respiratory filter types used as part of an “Air Purifying Respiratory System” should only be used when there is at least 19.5% oxygen in the atmosphere.
  2. The Europeans and Americans don’t agree on the colours used to identify filters. For example, the Europeans say Particulate filters should be white, but in the US they’re more partial to purple/pink. Go figure!
  3. Particulate filters use mechanical and electrostatic filtration while gas/vapour filter use a chemical reaction.
  4. Particulate filters become more effective as they fill up, gas filters become less effective as they fill up.
  5. There are 11 filter types according to the Australian / New Zealand respiratory standard. For example, Organic Vapours, Acid gases, Sulphur Dioxides, Mercury, etc.
  6. Gas and vapour filter cartridges should be replaced at least every 6 months.
  7. Shigematsu particulate filters can filter both solid and liquid particulates. Nice!

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