7 Fast Facts – Half Masks vs Full Face Masks

  1. The first effective filtering activated charcoal gas mask in the world was invented in 1915 by Russian chemist Nikolay Zelinsky (I wonder if he’s related to the Ukrainian President?)
  2. Half masks cover half the face around the nose, mouth and chin, and are lighter and cooler to wear than a full face mask.
  3. Full face respirators protect your eyes as well as your respiratory system, 2 for 1 protection, nice!
  4. Half masks offer a minimum protection factor (MPF) of 10 and require a fit factor of at least 100 regardless of the types of filters that are attached.
  5. Full face masks on the other hand offer a MPF of between 50 and 100 and require a fit factor of at least 500 or 1000 depending on the types of filters connected.
  6. To be compliant, only filters supplied by the mask manufacturer can be used of the respirator mask. For example, STS masks only work with STS filters. Sorry no mixing and matching allowed!
  7. We’ve just dropped the price of the RS01 half mask and CF01 full face mask. “What?? but aren’t prices all going up at the moment? You guys are nuts!”

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