Protecting our Stormwater from Sediment Run-off

When it comes to construction, whether it is for roads or buildings, sediment control is an issue that must be managed.  Sediment run-off not only clogs streams, estuaries and harbours, but can also carry with it a range of heavy metals and other pollutants. Not surprisingly, councils around the country are keen to ensure that construction companies are taking steps to stop sediment through the use of sediment control devices and catch-point protection.

Several years ago the Auckland Council produced a range of Best Management Practices (BMPs).  These provided an excellent guide for users and what the council expects in different situations.  To make it even more practical we’ve added at the back of each BMP, product solutions that help construction companies achieve this. Click on the images below to download:

Despite being four years old these still offer excellent advice and the solution are as relevant today as ever.  So if you supply builders, roading companies, drain layers, horizontal drillers or construction companies, then take a minute to review these solutions and send them on.

You can see our full range of catchpit protection and dewatering solutions online here.

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