7 Fast Facts – Respiratory Fit Testing

  1. Fit testing is a requirement of the AS/NZS standard.
  2. There are two types of tests. A quantitative test measures the amount of particulates inside the mask compared with the outside the mask, while a qualitative relies on the test subject smelling or tasting a chemical while wearing the respirator.
  3. You’re unlikely to pass a fit test if you have facial hair.
  4. There’s an actual qualification for fit testers called “Commit2Fit”.
  5. You should be fit tested annually or anytime your face shape changes (i.e., after dental work or after a significant weight change).
  6. pH7 offers both qualitative and quantitative fit testing through our own Commit2Fit Certified Fit Tester.
  7. A quantitative fit test only takes around 15 minutes and gives you peace of mind for up to 12 months!

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