Ultra Hardtops – Smart Space Savers

When space in the warehouse is getting tight, being able to move drums, IBCs and other containers outside into a purpose-built outdoor containment unit (Ultra Hardtops) can stop a lot of headaches.

Ultra-Hardtops are a great way of storing your hazardous substances outside and they tick a whole lot of boxes, including:

  • Built in containment sump to capture spills and leaks.
  • Models to hold smaller containers like 60L and 205L drums and 1000L IBC tanks.
  • Protects your containers from the elements, including stopping rain filling up your containment sump.
  • Lockable to avoid unauthorised access.
  • Polyethylene construction is resistant to wide variety of chemicals.
  • Forkliftable for easy positioning.
  • Tall head space allows room for drum pumps and funnels.

Unlike permanent concrete Hazardous Goods stores, no planning permission is required, and you have the flexibility to expand or move your outdoor containment as your needs change.

Large swing-out doors and a rolltop roof give excellent access for forklifts to move drums and IBCs into and out of the Hardtop and the built-in containment sump ensures any drips or leaks are contained.

To see all these benefits in action, watch the video below:


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