Ultra Drainguard versus Filter Cloth

For years roading companies have used basic filter cloth under catchpits to stop sediment laden water from entering waterways. Unfortunately, this approach often results in flooding leading to traffic chaos and complaints.

There is a better way! Check out the reasons why you should be using the Ultra-Drain Guard instead of the old approach.

Ultra-Drain Guard

Filter Cloth

Purpose built catchpit protection device made from a polypropylene geotextile. Someone’s bright idea to use a filter material already on-site.
Built in accumulation pocket holds up to 18kg of sediment, rubbish and over 3L of hydrocarbons. No accumulation pocket — means water and sediment quickly blinds over.
Built in lift out straps ensure Drain Guards don’t fall. No lift out straps can result in filter cloth falling into sump, when grate is lifted.
Curb insert model available that protects curb cut out as well as catchpit. Curb cut out needs to be blocked with additional gravel bags.
Built in overflow ports prevent FLOODING even during torrential rain. Filter cloth quickly blinds over and causing flooding and traffic chaos.

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