Sync11 PAPR Half Mask

Ever since being established in 1917, Shigematsu Works Ltd., has been engaged in the business of developing and manufacturing leading Respiratory Protection to protect workers from work related harm.

Shigematsu have just launched the Sync11 PAPR Half Mask which is ideal for users that have to wear respiratory masks for long periods of time and need to be able to breathe easily.

  • Key features include:
    • Switchless – the system turns automatically when you start breathing and turns off 5 seconds after doffing.
    • Cordless – no battery connection cables or air hoses to get tangled up in.
    • Effortless – power air makes breathing easy even when the filter gets full.
    • 4-Point head harness – gives a firm and stable fit.
    • LED filter replacement indicator – flashes inside mask when it’s time to replace the filter.
    • Lightweight: 45og
  • Certifications:
    • EN 12942:1998+A2 : 2008
    • AS/NZS 1716:2012
    • IEC 60529:2001 IP63 Rated
  • Filter Estimated Operating Times:
    • VP3 – ≥ 14.5 hours
    • VA1P3 – ≥ 11.0 hours
    • VABE1P3 – ≥ 11.0 hours
  • Key Industries:
    • Wood working
    • Silica Benchtop Manufacturers
    • Fire Restoration and Ash Cleanup Specialists
    • Chemical Industry (however will need to be paired with suitable eye protection)

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