Shigematsu Respirators

When a company such as Shigematsu is celebrating its centenary in 2017, it pays to look a little deeper at what makes it so special and why they’ve experienced such longevity.

Quite simply, we believe they are the best products in the market, backed by trusted technology and a century of experience – and that means that New Zealand companies know they’re getting the best products in the business, in an area where it just won’t do to cut corners.

So why are we so hyped about working alongside Shigematsu to bring their reusable respirators into New Zealand?

  1. Unique products: The standard ranges of full and half face masks have some unique features about them that help their look, comfort, wearability and performance, but their “big winner”, according to ph7’s sales manager Mike Kitchin, is their revolutionary Power Air Purifying Respirator that has a breath-responsive fan and filter unit. “This has really hit the market running in the demolition and asbestos removal industry and we’re already planning to expand it into other industries with a wider range of filters,” Mike says. “There are competing products that have been selling for quite a long time but when we saw this PAPR we identified it as being a game-changer for asbestos removal environment . Major asbestos removal companies have made this their product of choice because you can comply with asbestos removal safety guidelines and significantly reducing the user’s exposure to harmful particles. In use, the motor only works when on inhalation so you are getting longer – between 8 and 10 hours – of battery life. And if there’s a leak in the seal the motor automatically switches on so particulates can’t get in. It can also be worn under protective coverall hoods whereas other versions have battery packs that are cumbersome. This, in short, is more compact, comfortable and practical.
  2. Personality: When ph7 International hosted Shigematsu president Nobuo Shigematsu in New Zealand in March, we were dealing direct with the third generation of a family who have toiled constantly for a century to create, develop and refine a range of prime products. Both founder Teizo Shigematsu, who started manufacturing particulate and gas respirators and protective spectacles for mines and other industries in 1917, and subsequent chairman Kaisabuo Shigematsu have both been awarded Japan’s highest commendation short of royalty and politicians: the Order of the Rising Sun with Gold and Silver Rays, showing that this is a highly respected company both at home and around the world.
  3. Exclusivity: ph7 International’s policy is to deal direct with the manufacturer to source products that meet all Australian and New Zealand safety standards, and that are of the highest quality in line with our own company’s standards. We have looked to become the exclusive supplier of Shigematsu respiratory and filter products because we know and trust the company, and understand their longevity in the business has come from their quality, innovation and attention to detail – the company is the sort of business we want to actively market in New Zealand. As Mike puts it: “We were looking for market-leading, technologically advanced products – and now we are dealing direct with the recognised manufacturer.”

ph7 International’s range of STS Shigematsu products have a proven track record through a number of industries – if you’d like a demonstration of how they might work for your business or for more information about your requirements and to talk through how we can help, contact us on 0800 323223, or via the website.

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