Keeping your eyes on the job

The eye is an incredible piece of engineering. It detects light, converts it into impulses which the brain then interprets to shape and describe our world. Everyday we use it so effortlessly that we hardly think about it.

However, each year ACC receives over 9,000 workplace eye injury claims, so protecting your eyesight and having instant access to first aid is essential. For chemical eye injuries the difference between blindness and complete eyesight recovery is a matter of seconds.

In the event of a chemical eye injury loss of sight and acute pain will inevitably cause confusion for the injured person as the eye automatically closes and muscles tighten.  Having an eyewash station within arm’s reach and a trained workforce can in most cases ensure that an eye injury won’t be permanent.

In addition to a rapid response it is also essential that the eye is flushed for the appropriate length of time: 1-3 minutes for acids; 10-20 minutes for alkalis and 1-3 minutes for solvents and mechanical damage.


Tobin’s eyewash system from Sweden is the leading saline eyewash system in Europe and New Zealand.  The patented bottle delivers a soft, continuous flow of sterile saline for 3 minutes.  It contains no mechanical parts, so is easy to use and its unique design means you’re guaranteed 100% sterile saline with no need for plumbing or maintenance.  Watch the video below for more information.

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