How do you wear glasses and a full-face respirator?

Did you know that an estimated 4 billion adults in the world need to wear glasses?  This is not normally a problem in most situations but can be tricky when you’re required to wear a full-face respirator as part of your job.  So, if you need corrective lenses and respiratory protection, what are your options?

The answer depends on what sort of respirator and corrective lenses you need. Here are some scenarios that may help:

AIf you only need to use a half mask respirator, such as the STS RS01S, then you can wear your glasses or contact lenses with little or no issue. If your glasses are fogging up, this will indicate that your respirator is not properly fitted, and air is escaping around the nose bridge. In this case you may need to adjust the fit of your mask or get a better fitting model. RS01S
BIf you need to use a full face respiratory with a close fit, such as the STS FS01 or CF01 then the easiest option is to wear contact lenses with these masks. Contact lenses will not affect the seal of the mask around your face and you’ll be able to see and breathe easy.FS01
CIf, however you find contact lenses uncomfortable or cannot wear them for any reason then you will need to use the Shigematsu corrective lens frame. Your optometrist will be able to fit your lens into this frame which can then be used in conjunction with any of the Shigematsu full-face. respirators. It simply clips inside the seal of the respirator and is easily adjusted to sit on your nose bridge with no detrimental affect on the face seal of the respirator.Shigematsu corrective lens frame
DAlternatively, you can use a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) or Airline system with a loose-fitting hood that allows you to wear your normal glasses under the hood. Because this combination does not require a close face fit your glasses can be worn without impacting your respiratory protection. Powered Air Purifying Respirator

What ever your respiratory needs, the team at ph7 International will be able to help. For more information about your requirements and or to talk through how we can help, contact us on 0800 323 223

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