Battle of The Non-Plumbed Eyewashes

Emergency eyewashes are a critical first aid device for any company that uses corrosives or toxic substances. Having an eyewash within reach can be the difference between a near miss and permanent eye damage. But what if it is not practical to get plumbing to the area where the risk is?

We are often asked which option is better, The Tobin Eyewash System or a Portable Gravity Flow eyewash.  Ultimately the answer comes down to personal preference and we offer both, but today we thought we’d set out the two options head-to-head so you can make an informed decision.

ProductTobin 5 Bottle Saline EyewashAquaguard Gravity Flow Portable Eyewash
Product Code:T124 (Refill bottles are T128)G1540 (Bacteriostatic additive G1540BA-R)
Eyewash Time:Total of 15 minutes (3 minutes per bottle)Total of 15 minutes at 1.9lpm
Water sterilityCertified sterileWater and bacteriostatic additive must be replaced every 6 months
Key benefits:
  • Zero maintenance during life of the product

  • Guaranteed sterile

  • Bottles are easily portable and can be used in vehicle while when transporting patient

  • Bottles specifically deigned for single use to eliminated chance of non-sterile water being used.

  • Bottle ensure continuous soft flow when irrigating the eye

  • Replacement bottles are easy to fit

  • Can be wall mounted right beside risk areas for immediate use

  • Can be wall mounted beside risk areas for immediate use

  • Bacteriostatic additive keeps water fresh for up to 6 months

  • Refill and re-used indefinitely.

  • Delivers soft flow of water at 1.9lpm for 15 minutes

  • Easy to use, simply pull-down yellow flap and water flows to eyewash nozzles

  • Washes both eyes simultaneously

Price guide (RRP):T124: $207.00 + GST
T128: $163.50 + GST
G1540: $829.70 + GST
G1540BA-R: $31.85 + GST

To summarise and distil the information above, the Tobin Eyewash System is the ultimate in convenience, simply install and forget about it, until you need it, or we remind you to change the refills when they expire.  The Aquaguard offers you a solution that you can use for years, you just need to change the water and bacteriostatic additives every 6 months.

Both units are a great solution for those high-risk areas where an eyewash is needed but plumbing is not practical. Both units comply with the requirements of AS4775 – The Australian Standards for Emergency Showers and Eyewashes.

For more information about your requirements and or to talk through how we can help, contact us on 0800 323223, or via the website.

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