7 Fast Facts – Changing Respiratory Filters

  1. Filters need to be changed regularly to continue to maintain protection levels.
  2. Breathing resistance increases as particulate filters fill up. If you’re turning blue, it may be time to change the filters!
  3. If you can smell or taste a chemical while wearing your respirator, it means your filter is either saturated and needs changing, or you have the wrong filter for the chemical hazard.
  4. Some filters cannot be reused. AX filters, used for highly volatile organic vapours with a boiling point < 65°C, must be changed after each shift / workday.
  5. Shigematsu combination filters are made up a gas/vapour cartridge and with a clip-on particulate filter. You don’t have to change both filters at the same time. Usually, the particulate filters fill up faster so you can just change that until you start to smell or taste a chemical breaking through.
  6. Filter change out schedules are a great way of ensuring filters are changed regularly to maintain worker protection.
  7. When considering the cost of a respirator, the cost of the replacement filters is important. A respirator that is cheap to buy upfront, may be expensive too in the long run if the filters cost too much!

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