pH7 Christmas Order Cut-offs and Closing Times 2023

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Christmas is fast approaching and we’d like to express our sincere appreciation for the support and collaborative efforts throughout the year, and we want to ensure a seamless experience for your ordering process. To guarantee timely delivery of your orders before Christmas, please take note of our upcoming order cut-off dates: Orders with pallet packing: […]

Asbestos – What is it and what are the risks?

cartoon image of inside of human upper body breathing in asbestos

Asbestos is still killing up to 220 New Zealanders a year, despite the serious health risks of asbestos exposure being known across the world for the past 80+ years. Being aware and prepared to address exposure to asbestos can prevent you, your workers, and others from being harmed by asbestos related diseases in the future. […]

7 Fast Facts – Spill Response

Spill response should be handled carefully and swiftly to protect you and your team’s health, the environment, and properties. Compliance with local regulations and safety protocols is critical to a successful response to a hazardous spill. With that being said, lets get into 7 fast facts you should keep in mind when it comes to […]

7 Fast Facts – Seam Technology for Chemical Suits

Seam technology plays a critical role in ensuring the effectiveness of chemical coveralls. Chemical coveralls are designed to protect wearers from hazardous chemicals which can be in one of three states: liquid, solid or gas. The seams are a potential weak point where chemicals can penetrate if not properly sealed. So, let’s jump in with […]